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Accepting Applications March 1st

The Cannabis Academy at Botanica-Farms is centered around educating, training, developing, and upskilling future cannabis industry team members. The Cannabis Academy is a structured, hands-on course focusing on the most relevant and necessary elements of the Cannabis Industry for both Retail and Cultivation establishments.

The Cannabis Academy is broken down into five structured sections:

  1. The history and origin of cannabis
  2. Federal and State regulations
  3. Cultivation
  4. Personal Consumption
  5. Knowledge Check!

The history and origin of cannabis

Members of the Cannabis Academy at Botanica Farms will first learn about the origins and history of cannabis. As is with most learning, understanding the origins and history of a subject helps build a strong foundation and solid understanding of what the product is, how it was introduced to populations, and the different uses cannabis has had and continues to have throughout the world.

Federal and State regulations

The second section is focused around federal and state regulation of cannabis for personal use. Understanding the overarching federal regulations in conjunction with unique state regulations will help ensure Academy Members remain compliant with all relevant cannabis laws and regulations.


Cannabis Academy is focused on cultivation, this hands-on section will teach Academy Members how to cultivate cannabis from seed to harvest. During this section of the Academy, members will germinate seeds, transplant seedlings, and learn about the various light cycles and nutrients needed to grow and produce healthy cannabis plants during the seedling, vegetation, flowering, and cultivation stage(s) of the cannabis life-cycle.

Personal Consumption

The fourth section of the Cannabis Academy is focused around applicable personal use for cannabis once the plant has been harvested. Academy Members will learn how to turn cannabis flower into oils and butter which can then be used for baking homemade edible cannabis products. Edible cannabis products are the second largest segment of cannabis sales nationally. This section will also focus on product knowledge and safety. Members will learn about the various strains of smokable flower, the different types and methods of edible products (gummies, tinctures, chocolate, etc.) and the corresponding effects and recommended doses for cannabis consumers based upon the product and method they choose to use.

Knowledge Check!

The final section is a knowledge check, each Academy Member will be required to score an 85% or higher in order to obtain a Cannabis Academy Certificate. This Certificate will certify that the member has passed the Academy and now has a sufficient understanding of the history and origins of cannabis, the cultivation process, applicable uses for cannabis, and product knowledge and safety.

Meet The Team

Christina Swaidan
Swaidan, ED.D
Academy Professor and Guru!
Judiann Carmack-Fayyaz
Academy Coordinator
Farah Carmack-Fayyaz
Academy Assistant
UFCW Local 1459
Local 1459
Michael Vanegas
Business Analyst
Herardo Zayas Jr.
Zayas Jr.
Independent Consultant

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