Born in Belfast, Ireland John was raised on a multi-generational family farm where he worked along side his father and grandfather for many years. As time went on, Ireland's economy transitioned away from local farms. It was at this critical point when John decided it was time to seek new opportunities to help support his family.

John applied for and gained citizenship to the United States and moved to the “Big Apple” where he worked long hours learning the restaurant business. After years of saving John founded his first company, Cursor Properties LLC, which focused on commercial real estate development.

After many successful real estate ventures John decided to enter the cannabis industry. He created Page Boulevard Advisors, which specializes in acquiring and refurbishing industrial properties in states with emerging markets. He also created WeedWrx LLC, a creative events management company. Never forgetting his roots as a farmer and immigrant, John ensures that his company empowers both the people he employs, particularly women, minorities, and those affected by The War on Drugs, as well as the communities in which he serves.

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